Why It Is Important To Use Lead-Free Brass In Most Applications

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In the eyes of many people, this shift is long overdue, as brass that contains lead is known to have a negative effect on humans and the environment. So, why is it important to use lead-free metal products?

Children and adults alike are at risk from the harmful effects of toxic metals when brass containing lead is used. The reasons for this are that children are known to put anything and everything they find into their mouths (leading to the ingestion of quite a toxic substance) and that adults are frequently exposed to it in the course of their work. Contaminated water is also another means by which children and adults can develop lead poisoning.

If you aren’t convinced that a little lead poisoning is much to worry about, perhaps you would be interested in taking a closer look at what sort of effects it can have on our bodies. Children that have put brass objects containing lead into their mouths have been known to suffer from brain and nervous system damage, learning disabilities, hearing problems, and the list goes on. Adults, too, are known to suffer severe problems when working with brass that contains lead, such as issues with hearing and vision, reproductive problems, joint and muscle pain, and even more serious problems.

Reduce the Risk
In order to protect yourself, your family and your employees, you should take steps to replace any metallic items in your home or workplace with lead-free brass ones. And, in future projects that warrant the use of brass make sure that your contractors are only working with the lead-free type to ensure the health of the people exposed to these fittings and fixtures.

As you can see, brass products that contain lead can cause some serious health problems for children and adults alike should our bodies by given the opportunity to absorb the harmful substance. Most (if not all) manufacturers will stock both lead and lead-free brass, so which will you choose? Brass that does not contain lead is just as useful and strong as those that does contain the toxic metal, so there should be no excuses when it comes to making your selection.

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Why It Is Important To Use Lead-Free Brass In Most Applications

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Why It Is Important To Use Lead-Free Brass In Most Applications

This article was published on 2013/09/12