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Brass is a very strong metal created as an alloy of copper and zinc molten together. It is used primarily as home fixtures and decorations, due to its striking resemblance to gold. It can also be used for mechanical parts, due to its properties of low friction. Materials having minimal attributes friction are needed in mechanisms, such as ammunitions, bearings, doorknobs, gears, locks, and valves. Brass can be used for electrical and plumbing applications, as well as for musical instruments.

Brass is one of the mostly used alloys in the industries that engage in metal processing and manufacturing. Since it is much softer than other metals, brass is often made use in products where sparks must not be struck. This makes brass an ideal metal for devices, fittings, and tools that are used in combustible, explosive and flammable purposes.

Like gold, brass is muted-yellow in color and has a highly polished surface. Brass has a great resistance against tarnishing, oxidation, and weathering. Due to these, brass is often used as home fixtures, ornaments, coinage, and musical instruments. Furthermore, polished brass was once used as mirrors back at the ancient times.

Even though brass has been used since the earliest times, its true nature as an alloy of copper and zinc has not been realized until the late medieval era. Back then, the zinc vapor that reacted with copper in order to create brass was not counted as metallic. The earliest forms of brass are made through smelting copper ores with zinc and cementation processes. During the later periods, a brass manufacturer has discovered speltering, which then became the foundation of the modern way of producing brass.

At the present day, every brass manufacturer may produce types of brass for both general and specific applications. For example, a brass manufacturer may provide specialized brass for firefighting equipment, which requires the metal to be fire-resistant and durable. A manufacturer can also produce brass for plumbing purposes, which could be used for both residential and commercial areas.

A brass manufacturer can also provide brass materials for different fields and applications, such as for musical instruments, high quality household decorations, mechanical parts, reflectors, etc.
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Manufacturing Brass

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This article was published on 2010/11/13