Escalating Staircases Using Brass Tubes

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The staircase is one of the greatest architectural inventions of all time. It is a flight or series of steps that serves as a supporting structure that connects one level to another. Different eras came up with unique designs or versions of stairs—some were built from wood, others on brick or cement, while most of the modern staircases were constructed out of metal.

Irrespective of the material used, a staircase addresses the people's need to connect areas or points of different levels, to allow them to finally reach the inaccessible. During the ancient times, stairs or ladders were extra important since they are vital for their survival. For one, they had to transfer to high places to avoid attacks from enemy tribes or wild animals.

Today, stairs continue to play a significant role in human civilization. Aside from making two ends meet, stairs also play a major role in the field of art. Because the great visual appeal that it gives to houses or edifices contributes a lot to the whole interior, the aesthetic value of a staircase is now equated to its functionality.

Interior designers, architects, and engineers suggest different innovative ways of constructing this flight of steps to enhance visual grandeur. Their suggestions never fail to include the improvement of the stairs' railing construction. Furthermore, design experts recommend choosing the best material, like brass tubes. Matched with the perfect finish, these brass bars can actually do wonders to a staircase.

Brass tubes are perfect metal railings because of their elegant appeal. In addition, this copper-and-zinc alloy has high malleability and low melting point, which are properties of all brass materials. More people prefer brass tubes for metal railings because they are easier to alter and bend, depending on specific designs. Installing brass tubes is also fast and less costly.

Brass bars also have a unique glow that can boost the exquisiteness of staircases. However, aside from the gold finish, the brass material can further be enhanced by putting hand-rubbed antique, satin nickel, copper, or chrome finish. Brass tube suppliers can suggest several types, sizes and shapes that can best escalate one's dream grand staircases for his home.

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Escalating Staircases Using Brass Tubes

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This article was published on 2011/09/10